How do your online sales work?

At the time/date specified on my mailing list email I put a unique link to my store on my Instagram Profile, simply click on the new link at that time and you will be sent directly to the new store location. 

The reason I host my sales in this way is that in the last few years my work has been selling very quickly ( I blame it all on the bees!) this is something of a dream come true for me as an artist, but I can understand a frustrating experience for those who fail to get a piece they have their heart set on. So as I'm constantly trying to improve the online sale experience for my lovely collectors I've found this a way, as well as making the sales mailing list exclusive, to slow the sales down a little to give everyone a better shot.

I carted a piece in your last sale but when it came to paying for it my cart was empty!

I am really so sorry about that! I've had so many people contact me with this problem and I've talked to friends and gallerists in the know and I'm afraid to say there's no good solution to this.

Big Cartel have removed their cart holding system (as have many other online store platforms) I have complained a HUGE amount to Big Cartel about this but it seems I'm in the minority and many other store holders gave feedback preferring a first-come-first-serve style checkout.

So I do send my apologies about any missed pieces, but please be assured I will continue with these sales and keep them mailing list exclusive so I'm hopeful though that as these sales continue there will be enough work to go around, I plan to be making art for many years to come and look forward to Foley originals being in as many lovely homes as possible. 

Have you thought of hosting an art auction instead of these online sales?

I have looked into what would be involved in this as I'm always trying to improve the experience on here for interested collectors, but in all honestly the amount of extra time and work involved in hosting an auction (not to mention the strain on my non-existent organisational skills) would make it impossible at this time. 

I didn't manage to get that piece I wanted, can I commission one? 

I'm so sorry but I'm afraid I'm not currently taking on any new commissions at this time, I'm so busy even the tiniest bee may put me right over the edge! But I do have online sales every two months and at present that's the best place to get small original pieces of mine. 


The time you have scheduled your sale for is really inconvenient for me, can you make it earlier/later? 

As I have collectors in most time zones we choose these sale times to try and be as reasonable as possible to all. I realise that the time chosen may be a little early or a little late in the day for some, and I do apologise about that, but I'm sure you understand that it would be impossible to chose a perfect time to suit everyone.

 We do try and vary the times and days of these sales though, so if this sale time is inconvenient for you I'm very hopeful the next one will be much better! 

When will your next sale be? 

I try to host these sales around every two-three months depending on gallery commitments. I alert those on my early bird mailing list a few days before the sale with the exact time and date of the sale so if you would like to join the gang please drop me a line on the 'Contact' page. 


Please allow me to reassure you that any personal information you have entrusted me with to join my mailing list is held on a secure database and is strictly for my use only. I take my responsibility to protect your details very seriously and value the trust placed in me with your names and email addresses, as such I would never sell or pass on your information to anyone else for any reason.

I also realise how busy our modern life is so keep these emails to a minimum and ensure that the content of them is relevant to yourself as a collector, they will be about my online studio sales (hosted every 2-3 months) or very occasionally about larger gallery shows of mine. But if at any time you would like to unsubscribe from this list I always include an 'unsubscribe' button at the bottom of any correspondence I send or alternatively you can email me at and I will sort that out for you immediately.